Jon Cooper Comments On Tavares' Choosing Leafs Over Lightning In Free Agency.

Published December 13, 2018 at 2:43 PM

"The Tampa Bay Lightning were dreaming of creating a super team during the offseason. Fortunately for the Leafs' and the rest of the Atlantic Division it didn't work out that way. The Lightning wanted to somehow add John Tavares to their lineup and be the powerhouse of the Eastern Conference. Tavares of course chose the Leafs' over the Lightning when all was said and done. With the two teams playing each other for the first time this season, Lightning head coach Jon Cooper was asked about how he felt regarding Tavares choosing the Leafs' over Tampa. "Were we upset he didn't come here? Of course. But you can't say he didn't make the right decision. He's having a hell of a season on a great team. So, happy for him. He's a super guy."
It'll be quite the game to watch tonight.


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