John Tavares Comments On Injury For First Time.

Published June 2, 2021 at 3:40 PM

It was end of year pressers for the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday and everybody got on Zoom to discuss the season. Captain John Tavares started it off and of course expressed his disappointment and devastation to the sudden end of the season. Tavares also spoke about his injury for the first time publicly and what he remembers. "Personally from the injury, I'm doing really well and continuing to progress. I feel very fortunate considering what I went through, the traumatic nature of the injury. I haven't seen it myself, just seen a few images."
"[Corey] Perry reached out to me immediately that night. From everyone I talked to, there was no intent or trying to be dirty or hurt me. From everyone I talked to, it was just an unfortunate set of circumstances. I'd like to think there was no intent."
"I know how traumatic it was for my family, especially how many times they saw it and the attention that was on it. Even the looks on [people's] faces made me realize that it was pretty significant. Maybe I will watch it [someday]"
"I remember the whole day, my first couple of shifts.
And then parts of it [after], as I was on the ice and getting put on the stretcher and getting into the ambulance is when I really started to get a grasp of it."
Scary situation... definitely good to hear he's doing good now.

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