Igor Ozhiganov Takes Big Shots At The Leafs' Locker Room.

Published August 8, 2019 at 1:18 PM

"Defenseman Igor Ozhiganov's stay in the NHL was short, 53 games with the Toronto Maple Leafs to be exact. Ozhiganov registered seven points during that time which included three goals but the 26 year old decided to head back to Russia this year and play in the KHL. During a recent interview in Russia where he talked about his time in the NHL, it's clear that Ozhiganov wasn't a big fan of head coach Mike Babcock or the Leafs' locker room. "It's so different overseas.When you get to a locker room it seems all the players are ass-lickers that just wait for a coach to come to lick his ass.They always run to him, laugh of his jokes,make up to him. In Russia nobody'd talk to such a player"Obviously the comments should probably be taken with a grain salt, however it's interesting because many others believe Babcock's time is running out in the organization.


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