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Great News For The Leafs' Players.

Published September 13, 2018 at 11:15

"The Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans have been missing out on one specific tradition over the last couple of years...The playoff beard. Under general manager Lou Lamoriello, the Leafs went with the New York Yankee rules of no facial hair during the regular season or playoffs, however now that's all about to change. New general manager Kyle Dubas stated on Thursday that players will be able to express themselves however they wish this season and that includes with facial hair. According to Kristen Shilton of TSN, Dubas stated he's looking for a nine month commitment from the Leafs' players along with their families and feels the players will be at their best if they can express themselves. With some restrictions lifted, it could very well help the young team feel more comfortable and focus on doing one thing, winning. The Leafs are looking to prove a lot this season, and that includes winning a playoff series.


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