Garret Sparks Says His 2018-19 Season Isn't Over And Has Lots To Contribute.

Published April 3, 2019 at 11:26

"After an emotional win on Monday night against the New York Islanders that clinched a playoff spot, the Toronto Maple Leafs just didn't have it on Tuesday against the Carolina Hurricanes. It was Garret Sparks last start of the season and he gave up a terrible goal to give the Hurricanes a 1-0 lead. "He just poked it and it just kind of came to the wrong spot, exactly where I didn't need it to go. I don't know. It's not even a situation where you're typically down because the puck is behind the net. It's just a tough bounce."
Despite the sour end to his season, Sparks still says he's got something to give the rest of the way and will be ready for next season. "I'll be ready next year. I'll be ready if anything happens. This year isn't over for me, I'm still going to be a big part of this team going down the stretch...be a good teammate. Support Fred."

What do you think of Sparks' comments and game last night?


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