Babcock Comments On Clinching Playoff Spot And Facing The Bruins Again.

Published April 2, 2019 at 10:35

The Toronto Maple Leafs finally got it done last night and clinched a playoff spot thanks to their 2-0 win against the New York Islanders. The Leafs will be jumping into the playoffs for the third year in a row for the first time since the early 2000's and also tied the franchise record for road wins in a season (23), they set in 2003-04."We've made the playoffs three years in a row. There's always expectations, but the reality is it's hard to make the playoffs in the National Hockey League ... we've got a good group & we're getting better ..."
The Leafs will face their heated rivals in the first round, the Boston Bruins, and Babcock didn't give the team any white board material. "In our division, on our side, there's real good teams. That's what it's supposed to be like. You're supposed to play a real good team. I've got two kids that live in Boston, it'll be perfect."
Does Babcock sound confident he can beat the Bruins?

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