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Frederik Andersen Gives Update Regarding Injury.

Published February 11, 2020 at 10:36

"The Toronto Maple Leafs host the Arizona Coyotes tonight at ScotiaBank Arena and Toronto needs the two points. It'll be in the Leafs favour as the Coyotes just played last night in Montreal and beat the Canadiens 3-2. There's still no confirmation on who tonight's starting goalie will be.While Frederik Andersen was placed on IR yesterday, the move was made retroactive to last Monday so technically he would be available tonight if need be. Andersen spoke about the injury. «I definitely got bumped a couple times in that game, and it's just the nature of the position, I guess,» Andersen said.
«It was a neck thing. I don't want to go into specifics, but [I'm] just making sure I can play at a level I need to be at and making sure there's no symptoms.»The Leafs goalie added that he hopes the league takes the same precautions to protect goalies that it's been doing to try and stop headshots on players over the last couple of years. «I've thought about it a little bit this week,» Andersen said. «They're taking a really good step in putting the onus on players that are hitting another player, especially in a vulnerable position.«I think the same could be done for the goalies and making sure that nothing bad like that happens too often.»


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