Jay Rosehill shared his thoughts on the Rempe hit and fight with Reaves
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Former Leafs tough guy shares his thoughts on the Rempe/Reaves fight

Published March 3, 2024 at 6:19 PM

After days of speculation, the hockey world got what it wanted Saturday night when New York Rangers rookie Matt Rempe and Toronto Maple Leafs forward Ryan Reaves squared off at center ice in the third period. Reaves had asked earlier in the game if Rempe wanted to go and Rempe politely declined. However, after he took a run at Ilya Lyubushkin in the 2nd period, Reavo gave him no choice in the 3rd frame.

Late Saturday evening, former Leafs tough guy and co-host of Leafs Morning Take, Jay Rosehill, shared a video on his personal Twitter, offering his thoughts in the scrap before affirming that fighting in hockey is officially back.

"I didn't think it was going to happen once it got to the third period but Reavo goes and challenges him. Why? He was running around again, hurt Boosh, hammered him But then Reavo, who's got the lead in the game, who would usually be the one saying no, the team has the lead, I'm not going to risk anything, but no, he wanted him because he ran around in his barn. They go. F***ing awesome man! Reavo takes it. Rempe had a good grip on him and it's the first time he's used his reach. He does not hide behind it in any of his fights in the show so far. He stands square and chucks and trades, hence why his eyes are black and his nose is cut and his lip is split. How do you not love this guy, though? Stands in there, Reavo takes it down. Awesome. Fighting's awesome again. It's so exciting, nobody's hurt, it's beautiful."

Rosehill was very generous as a lot of people have been towards the Rangers rookie and he has certainly earned the respect of his peers, and some former tough guys as well. Rosehill also mentioned that he felt the hit Rempe threw on Lyubushkin may have been a charge, but clean otherwise.

Whether you felt the hit was clean or dirty, you have to commend Rempe for answering the bell and holding his own against arguably the best fighter in the game.

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