Max Domi shares his reaction to the Reaves fight, gives Reaves a ton of credit for what he does best

Ryan Smitheram
March 3, 2024  (1:11 PM)

Ryan Reaves and Matt Rempe dropped the gloves in a highly anticipate fight last night
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It had been discussed for about a week leading up to last night's Leafs/Rangers game and there was a huge amount of anticipation as fans waited and hoped for Toronto Maple Leafs forward Ryan Reaves and New York Rangers forward Matt Rempe to drop the gloves and go to war.

Through two periods, it didn't appear that it would happen as both coaches did their best to keep them away from each other. Reaves did try to bait Rempe into dropping the gloves in the first period, but to no avail. However, after Rempe injured Ilya Lyubushkin late in the second period, it became inevitable.
Reaves and Rempe squared off at center ice in the third with the crowd on their feet, as well as both benches. It was a spirited tilt with both landing some good shots, but the prevailing thought was that Reaves had gotten the better of his rookie counterpart, a benefit to his years of experience. Following the game, much of the talk was about the fight and birthday boy Max Domi, who scored the shootout winner for the Leafs. Domi knows a thing or two about fighting. It's in his blood. His dad, Tie Domi, was one of the most feared NHL enforcers of all-time, so for Max, he's been around that brand of hockey forever and knows how valuable it can be to a team.
"The crowd was extra amped up tonight for a huge event like that & both of them, obviously they left it all out there, & respect to that kid. He's a tough dude & Reavo's the toughest guy in the league.

Hardest job in the game. There's nothing close to it. To sleep & to prepare for a game is one thing, but knowing you have to put yourself at at risk, anything can happen in a situation like that. It's the most selfless job in sports." - Domi on the job Ryan Reaves does in Toronto

The hype around the fight was certainly worth it, and it was a very solid tilt, but if there is one guy that knows how hard it is to prepare for a fight it's the kid whose last name is "Domi".
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Max Domi shares his reaction to the Reaves fight, gives Reaves a ton of credit for what he does best

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