Connor Carrick Comments On Trade To Dallas.

Published October 9, 2018 at 10:44

Connor Carrick was never really able to find himself a permanent spot on the Leafs roster spending a lot of time as a healthy scratch. The defenseman will play his former team for the first time on Tuesday night since the trade that sent him to Dallas, a trade that has worked out pretty well for Carrick. The 24 year old has three assists in two games so far this season and to top it off is playing on a pairing with another former Leafs' defenseman, Roman Polak. Carrick spoke to the media before the big Tuesday night game and mentioned how he worked all summer to crack the Leafs lineup, however head coach Mike Babcock wasn't impressed. "I had goals and dreams all summer of making the Leafs and trained to get a bigger piece of the pie. Mike didn't see it that way, but around the league you see all kinds of guys getting second chances."
There's no doubt that Carrick has taken advantage of that second chance so far his new head coach explained. «I think (Carrick)'s been really good. I thought in the second game he was better than the first,» Stars coach Jim Montgomery said. «He's really starting to grasp how we want to play. His biggest tools work well with the way we want to play.»

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