Company Struggling With Surplus Of Babsocks.

Published April 30, 2020 at 3:01 PM

It was a phenom that really blew up in Toronto. The introduction of "Babsocks". Some nice comfortable dress socks with Mike Babcock's face printed on them.The company took that momentum and landed a nice deal with the NHL Alumni Association and NHLPA to have various faces on socks across North America. Unfortunately within a couple of months two big events hit the company and it's in a tough spot right now. First, the Toronto Maple Leafs fired Mike Babcock and then a couple of months later COVID-19 came along. «We were finally starting to build up some traction in markets outside of Toronto, especially in the U.S., which is really exciting,» One of the owners, Jake Mednick told The Athletic. «Honestly, the timing couldn't have been worse.»
The company now has an extreme surplus of Babcock socks, 13000 to be exact and only 150 pairs have been purchased over the past five months. Mednick and co-creator Tom McCole aren't just about profit as they've raised over $150,000 for charities with the socks too.
Trying to put the socks to good use they've donated a 1000 pairs to Socks For Souls Canada, which provides the homeless with footwear.With everything that's happened lately their next line of socks won't feature hockey players but instead feature front-line health-care workers fighting COVID-19 in hospitals around the world.

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