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Borowiecki Calls Out Matthews For Showing Up Sabourin.

Published October 2, 2019 at 9:23

"The Toronto Maple Leafs open up their season tonight at home as they host the Ottawa Senators. It's going to be an interesting matchup of two teams headed in opposite directions. For the Leafs, a lot of talk surrounds who the next captain of the team might be.For the Senators, it appears Auston Matthews and the incident where he showed up Scott Sabourin is the talk of the dressing room at least. Sens' vet and alternate captain, Mark Borowiecki, wasn't impressed with Matthews. "I thought it was a little disrespectful to be honest" Borowiecki said. "We're not all blessed with Auston Matthews talent unfortunately, but I truly wish I was. Some of us have to do it the hard way. I don't have his God-given talent and I'm sure Sabby would tell you he doesn't either and for some of us we don't get the accolades or the glory, but we're still legitimate hockey players and we've worked a lot and sacrificed a ton to get here.""I'm not sure Auston appreciates what it's like being a fighter down there, it's a role he's never had to play. That is tough, it's really tough when you know you're going to fight double digits every year and ride the bus around and get paid 70k. It's a really hard, thankless job and the fact that he stuck with it for seven years shows a lot of perseverance and commitment, and honestly, mental strength as it would have been easy to pack it in."Do you think the Sens will go after Matthews tonight?


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