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Babcock Reveals Very Interesting Detail About Patrick Marleau Signing.

Published October 25, 2019 at 2:03 PM

It was a signing that raised some eyebrows as the Toronto Maple Leafs signed veteran Patrick Marleau. While his play was on the decline, Marleau without a doubt had a great influence on the Leafs' locker room and it's youngsters. That influence though did however end up costing the Leafs a first round pick as they couldn't find a taker for the final year of his contract. With the San Jose Sharks in town, a lot of conversation has obviously been about Marleau's return to Toronto. While speaking to reporters head coach Mike Babcock revealed an interesting fact from the Marleau signing. "We knew right when we signed him. We couldn't get him for two years. We tried. We knew the math didn't work out when we signed him."

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