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Babcock Reveals Status For Marner And Rielly Tomorrow.

Published October 24, 2019 at 1:33 PM

"What a day it's been in Leafs nation. Morgan Rielly missed another practice which definitely raised some eyebrows being it was his second missed practice in a row. Then near the end of practice Mitch Marner got into an awkward collision with Jake Muzzin which resulted in Marner leaving the ice and not returning to practice. It looked like the sky was falling for the Leafs however it seems everything is ok. Leafs head coach Mike Babcock confirmed to reporters that both Rielly and Marner will be ready to go tomorrow. The Leafs will once again be playing back to backs this weekend as they'll host San Jose on Friday then play the Canadiens in Montreal on Saturday. It's great to hear both guys are ready to go.


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