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The Leafs Can Miss The Playoffs In An Absolute Nightmare Scenario.

Published March 31, 2019 at 11:29

The Toronto Maple Leafs dropped another game last night, this time to the lowly Ottawa Senators. While a couple of losses here and there didn't mean much before, it's starting to become somewhat worrisome. The Leafs have lost 7 of their last 10 games and have shown absolutely no defensive skill in the majority of them.Thanks to the Leafs' struggles, the Montreal Canadiens are now only five points behind the Leafs for third place in the Atlantic Division. If the Canadiens win all their remaining games in regulation time while the Leafs lose all their remaining games in regulation, the Canadiens would take over third spot in the Atlantic Division and would likely miss a Wild Card spot as well.
This would be brutal and unacceptable.This scenario could also bring about a dream crushing scenario for the Canadiens. If the Leafs lose their next three games and the Canadiens win their next, all the Leafs would have to do is make it to OT against the Canadiens in Montreal next Saturday to make the playoffs. Imagine the Canadiens having something like a 4-1 lead, the Leafs scoring three unanswered goals and the last goal coming with a minute left in the game, even if the Leafs lost in OT, the Leafs would be in and Canadiens out. Hopefully we don't need to get that close.

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