Auston Matthews Responds To Alex Ovechkin's Call Out.

Published October 30, 2019 at 9:55

"The Toronto Maple Leafs dropped a tight game last night to the Washington Capitals in overtime 4-3. Before the game the main topic of conversation was Alexander Ovechkin's comments regarding the Leafs' playoff struggles. «I think it helped a lot when your core group of guys stays together and go through that, coaching staff, players,» Ovechkin said after the Caps' morning skate.«You can see it took four years to realize what we have to do. We make mistakes, coaching staff makes mistakes, you get a chance to take (it to) another level, we all came together and it works.«I think for them, they are still a young group of guys and I hope they're going to learn. It's up to them how they want to do it and if they want to play for yourself, or if they want to win a Stanley Cup they have to play differently.»After the game Matthews was asked about the comments, here's TSN's Mark Masters recount of the conversation. "Did Auston Matthews hear what Ovechkin said?
Care to comment?
"No, not really."
Does he agree playoff battle scars help?
"Yeah, I mean, how many times did they lose to Pittsburgh before they finally broke through? ... you learn from those experiences ...""What do you think of Matthews' comments?


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