Kapanen Says Other Teams Are Trying To Bully Leafs Around.

Published October 29, 2019 at 11:19

"The Toronto Maple Leafs beat the San Jose Sharks on Friday but then lost to the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night. The team should be happy they only lost the game because they could have easily lost one of their biggest stars. Forward Auston Matthews took two huge hits this weekend, one from Sharks' defenseman Brendan Dillion and another one on Saturday from Canadiens' defenseman Jeff Petry. On both occasions, fans and some media analysts were upset that nobody stood up for Matthews.Leafs' forward Kasperi Kapanen kind of feels the same way. "Mattys one of our best players and we gotta show a little bit of emotion.
I'm not saying you gotta fight the guy but just to kind of stand up for one another and kind of be there.
But thats in the past and that's fine but from here on out I think you know we're family here we're brothers and we're here for each other"Kapanen added that he feels other teams are trying to bully the Leafs around. "Teams for sure try to come in and try to bully us around and be heavy on us because they know that we're a talented team. So I think if we show a lot of grit and effort it sends a message and is good in the long run."
What do you think of Kapanen's comments?"

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