Auston Matthews Makes Sad Statement Regarding Another Disallowed Goal.

Published March 16, 2019 at 10:23

The Toronto Maple Leafs had to give it everything they had and the team skated away with a 7-6 win against the Philadelphia Flyers on Friday night. It was a huge win after the team has gone through a bit of a slump. The win was big but the team struggled once again defensively and while the game was full of highlights, it also featured some controversy once again. Forward Auston Matthews had yet another goal disallowed and the forward is becoming frustrated. "My review percentage is terrible. I'm just banking on if my goal is getting reviewed, it's just automatically no-goal."
Despite that frustration, Matthews believes he's finding his chemistry with William Nylander again. "He's playing great. I think we've rekindled that chemistry we had our first two years playing together ..."

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