WWE Superstar collaborates with Toronto Maple Leafs on a brand new piece of merch

Published August 14, 2023 at 10:06

Anyone who follows both hockey and WWE wrestling knows just how big of a fan of the Leafs that Adam "Edge" Copeland truly is. Edge, a Toronto native, will be in the city later this week to celebrate his 25th anniversary celebration with WWE, and he'll be donning a brand new Edge/Leafs collaboration - a pretty slick t-shirt design.

This marks the second time that he and the Leafs have collaborated on a shirt design, as the two sides had collaborated last August as well. Here's the design from last summer:

Edge, when he's home in the winter, is often spotted at Toronto Maple Leafs games and shown on the jumbo-tron that hovers over center ice at Scotiabank Arena. He and ex-Leafs GM Kyle Dubas - a noted wrestling fan - have formed a friendship of sorts. While Dubas may be gone, it's certainly nice to see that the organization has maintained a strong relationship with Edge - one of their highest profile fans.

I grew up a wrestling fan during the "Attitude Era", which featured the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Degeneration X and the rest of the entertaining acts during that time period. That also happens to be when Edge made his debut and formed one of the more exciting tag teams with childhood friend, "Christian". Those who know about that era know of the epic matches put on by Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz and how influential they were.

It's obviously fun when two worlds collide like this. Unfortunately, the special Edge/Leafs collab shirt won't be available to anyone outside of Toronto, as it will be sold only at Scotiabank Arena on Friday.
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WWE Superstar collaborates with Toronto Maple Leafs on a brand new piece of merch

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