Leafs prospect needs to stay healthy this season to avoid derailing his young career

Published August 13, 2023 at 8:17 PM

Since being drafted in the second round of the 2019 draft, Nicholas Robertson has struggled mightily to stay healthy. Most recently, he missed half of last season with a shoulder injury that eventually required surgery.

Prior to his injury against LA in early December, Robertson has battled back from COVID, a broken leg, groin injury and concussion, using each one as motivation to come back stronger and better. The only issue is that when he comes back, he looks great and improved, but he gets hit with another injury just when things begin to look like they are back on track. Due to his injury history, many Leaf fans believe that his career is already over and that he will be nothing more than a fringe player, while the Leafs still have high hopes for him. However, with one more injury that could change.

Robertson is considered to be behind in his development due to all of his injuries and one more significant one could put him too far behind. Falling further behind in development also means that he falls further down the depth chart in Toronto and a continuing downward spiral from there. Robertson has been training hard this off-season since his surgery and looks ready to finally catch lightning in a bottle and be a contributor for the Leafs, it's just a matter of how healthy he can stay.

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