Spittin' Chiclets host fires a warning shot at the ''old boys club'' following Babcock's resignation

Published September 19, 2023 at 1:30 PM

Hockey players are among the toughest athletes in the world. In terms of physical toughness and mental fortitude, there aren't many people who can handle the every day grind that comes with being an NHLer. It's easy to sit on your couch with Cheetos dust-coated fingers and call players soft, but the truth is, you and I probably wouldn't last a week.

This is why the situation surrounding Mike Babcock's so called resignation is such an outlier. It takes a truly deranged human to destroy the psyche of a professional hockey player. Babcock has done it his entire career. The cell phone incident was simply the last straw after a decade and a half of egomaniacal behaviour.

Paul Bissonnette, the former NHLer turned podcast host and TV personality, was the one to break the story after receiving several texts about what was going on. Amid backlash from Babcock's defenders, Biz stated, in no uncertain terms, that they are a player's podcast and will always take the side of the players over the guys in suits.

Now that the investigation instigated by Bissonnette's reporting has concluded and Mike Babcock's desk has been cleaned out. Biz laid out a warning to anyone who finds themselves in a position of power over the players. Any coach who crosses the line will receive the same *insert vulgar metaphor here* treatment as Babcock did. He also added that no, this is not cancel culture, it's justice. Have a look at Bissonnette's video message to "the old boys club", specifically:

With a new look NHLPA that actually seems willing to do its job and the hosts of the most popular hockey podcast in the world openly inviting players to expose anyone abusing their power, the NHL will be a safer, healthier place for players. I will reiterate that it has nothing to do with being soft or sensitive. This is a good thing for hockey, and will help to protect the players who don't have enough longevity or star power to avoid backlash from their coaches if they speak out. Good on Biz for using his platform to help protect the players and good on the NHLPA for listening and investigating.
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Spittin' Chiclets host fires a warning shot at the ''old boys club'' following Babcock's resignation

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