Matthews, Rielly, and Bieber selecting Nylander at the All-Star Draft.
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Morgan Rielly delivers chirp of the century to GM Brad Treliving after the All-Star Draft

Published February 4, 2024 at 9:48

Team Matthews captains had a fun time selecting their players in the All-Star Draft. Auston Matthews and Morgan Rielly ensured that Justin Bieber was on board with selecting their 'buds', bringing William Nylander and Mitch Marner into the fold with their first two picks. Once the four Leafs were reunited, it really got interesting.

Celebrity co-captain Justin Bieber gave the reins to his captain and assistant captain from there, and they selected some really good players to compliment Team Matthews. A couple of players they chose were "sleepers" that were selected later in the draft, including Filip Forsberg and Alex DeBrincat. With all three captains openly content with their team, Rielly and Matthews met with Sportsnet's Colby Armstrong, expressing their joy with how the team came together. Rielly even admitted to chirping Leafs GM Brad Treliving after the draft.

"Ya, we were talking to Tree (Treliving) afterwards. We were like, 'building a team is not that hard.'"
- Morgan Rielly to Leafs GM Brad Treliving

Obviously this was just Rielly poking some fun at his GM, but was there maybe a bit of a subliminal message there? Perhaps Rielly wants Treliving and company to add a piece or two before the deadline, even if the chirp was all in fun.

With the trade deadline now just over 1 month away, it will be interesting to see whether the Leafs make moves to acquire a difference-maker or two, whether they become sellers or if they plan to just stand pat and hope for the best with the group they have.
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Morgan Rielly delivers chirp of the century to GM Brad Treliving after the All-Star Draft

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