Sidney Crosby receives some preferential treatment during All-Star weekend
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Insider absolutely torches Sidney Crosby over diva behaviour on All-Star weekend

Published February 3, 2024 at 5:16 PM

All-Star weekend is a time to celebrate the game by showcasing the very best players in the NHL. While it can be a real spectacle for the fans, many players would rather take the break to be with friends and family for some much needed rest and downtime.

36-year-old Sidney Crosby was attempting to do both this week, skipping the draft and attending the Skills Competition and All-Star Game and got some heat from an NHL insider because of it.

Crosby is the Pittsburgh Penguins' sole representative at the NHL All-Star Game in Toronto this weekend. While the event was kicking off with an All-Star Draft, Crosby was a notable absence. He sent in a short video and was represented at the draft by a youth Timbits hockey player from Toronto. Why was Crosby absent? Well, a video surfaced of Crosby getting a little downtime in Montana, skating on an outdoor rink. This sent NHL insider Frank Seravalli into a tirade on his podcast.

During the "Garbage Time" segment of his show, Seravalli ripped into Crosby for getting special treatment in the eyes of the fanbase.

"I think it's garbage that, year in and year out at All-Star weekend, when he decides to show up and play, that Sidney Crosby doesn't get more heat from anyone. No one is ever critical of Sidney Crosby. 'Oh, he does so much for the game and does all these things that no one realizes'... That's great, he's been an unbelieve ambassador of the game of hockey.

A video surfaces of him skating at an outdoor rink in Montana enjoying some R&R yesterday. Why is it that every other NHL All-Star can show up and participate in the player draft but Sidney Crosby doesn't and no one says boo about it? It drives me absolutely insane because if it were any other player at any point in time, they would be crushing him, saying 'why are you too big for this?'

This is only his sixth or seventh All-Star Game total in his eighteen year career. It's bananas. Sid, we know you don't like it, but at least try and pretend a little bit."

There aren't too many 36-year-olds selected to be an All-Star with most having slowed down considerably by then. Crosby is an exception and deserves the special treatment. Seravalli was off on Crosby's appearances as well, with this year marking his 10th All-Star Game.

The Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia native arrived in Toronto ahead of the Skills Competition, taking questions for nearly ten minutes on hockey related topics before the event.
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Insider absolutely torches Sidney Crosby over diva behaviour on All-Star weekend

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