Matthews shows some attitude and refuses to answer media question

Published March 23, 2023 at 9:30

Mark Masters is one of the hardest working and most well-respected reporters in hockey, covering the Leafs primarily but also spending his holidays at the World Juniors. At times, he and and other reporters have to ask the obvious question that they know will not get an answer or will get a generic response. That was the case following practice on Wednesday while interviewing Auston Matthews.

At the end of practice, Sheldon Keefe pulled Matthews and Mitch Marner aside and had a brief conversation with them. That was after Keefe reunited the duo at practice likely in the hopes of getting Matthews scoring more consistently at 5-on-5. Needless to say, some things stay between coaches and players. Masters found that out the hard way on Wednesday.

Masters asked Matthews what the context of the conversation was between he, Marner and Keefe, to which Matthews replied with a smirk, "Mark, that's none of your business, honestly. That's between us, I'll leave it at that." Credit to Masters knowing he probably wasn't going to get an answer following his question up with "I have to ask". It was one of the more comical ways that a player has turned down a reporter's question and also gave us a glimpse of personality from Matthews that we don't often get to see.

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