Auston Matthews shares his thoughts on the Leafs adding Matthew Knies soon

Published March 23, 2023 at 7:55

With the NCAA Frozen Four tournament on the horizon, the Leafs could potentially have Matthew Knies on their roster by the weekend. That is, of course, if he and the University of Minnesota are upset in the first round by Canisius College. The more likely scenario though is that the Gophers and Knies raise the championship trophy on April 8th and that Knies will join the Leafs on the 9th.

Asked about the prospect of Knies joining the Leafs, Auston Matthews said, "Hopefully the year he's had gives him some confidence ... it's quite a jump, but he's a mature young guy & we'll do everything we can to help him & give him the best opportunity to succeed."

The 6'3 forward has 41 points in 36 games so far this season for Minnesota, showcasing his playmaking abilities, size and skill often. As Matthews said however, the jump from NCAA to the NHL is a big one, but the Leafs are hoping that his transition will be as smooth as possible.

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