Leafs fan proposes unique way to honour the memory of Rodion Amirov

Published August 17, 2023 at 11:07

The Leafs have a lot to play for in 2023-24 and that goes far beyond the seemingly routine disappointment season over season. The Buds have just 2 playoff series wins in the last 20 years, however, it's the losses they suffered over the summer that are the most impactful.

Not only did the Maple Leafs organization suffer the loss of a legend in 4-time Stanley Cup champion Bob "Bobby" Baun, but an even more tragic loss in 21-year-old prospect Rodion Amirov, who passed away on Monday following a year-and-a-half long fight with cancer. Winning this season, regardless of the reason, either for themselves or for others, would be significant. However, if they do win this season, the Leafs will then have the opportunity to do something even bigger than themselves - they can immortalize Rodion Amirov's name in hockey history.

This week, a Leafs fan, and website manager for BladeofSteel.com, suggested the idea of the Leafs petitioning the league to include Amirov's name on the Stanley Cup if they can find a way to win hockey's greatest prize this season.

Honestly, upon first seeing this tweet, I wasn't as receptive to the idea as I am now. However, upon thinking about it, back in 2020, when he was drafted, Amirov was originally projected to be playing his first full NHL season in 2023-24 had he been healthy. Coming into the 2023-24 season, having just lost one of their own in such a heartbreaking way, it would be nice to see the Leafs and the league honour Amirov in this way.

Of course, this all hinges on two things. First, the Leafs actually have to win a Stanley Cup. Second, the NHL would have to sign off on it. I'm not entirely convinced that they would break a rule and allow the Leafs to include a name on the sport's holy grail when that player has never played a single NHL game, let alone one in the playoffs. Perhaps the fact that it's one of the league's most storied franchises and that these circumstances are certainly extenuating might be enough to sway the league, but, again, this all hinges on the Leafs winning first.
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Leafs fan proposes unique way to honour the memory of Rodion Amirov

If the Leafs win the Cup, should the league allow them to include Rodion Amirov's name on it?

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No10132 %
That might be going a little too far10031.6 %
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