Ryan Reaves absolutely wrecks former Leaf Scott Sabourin in a hockey fight

Published August 17, 2023 at 9:49

The Maple Leafs puzzled a lot of fans this summer, committing 3 years to a 36-year-old Ryan Reaves during free agency. As much as the fanbase struggled to understand the move, most pundits and analysts like the move and believe that what Reaves brings to the table, not only on the ice, but off of it, will make the Leafs better.

Off the ice, Reaves is a guy who will bring everyone together and increase overall team bonding. He's a loud, enthusiastic individual whose former teammates speak very highly of. On the ice, well, we know what he does best on the ice. Here's a solid example of what we can expect to see from Reavo this season. In this scrap from 2019, Reaves dismantles ex-Leaf Scott Sabourin.

Honestly, I understand that some don't believe that fighting has a place in hockey. However, I can still remember, pretty vividly, going to games with my dad growing up and watching two guys go to war on the ice and then give each other a pat on the shoulder pads before skating off to the box. It's a spectator sport and the entertainment value of a hockey fight is high. I think Reaves is going to create some lasting memories during his time in Toronto, even if it is at the tail end of his career.

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Ryan Reaves absolutely wrecks former Leaf Scott Sabourin in a hockey fight

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