Is the Wayne Train leaving the station for good and gearing down for retirement?

Ben Hodgson
July 30, 2023  (12:01)

Wayne Simmonds was exactly the player Leaf fans wanted for years - a tough guy who could hit, fight, and score. For years, Simmonds was the archetype of an old fashioned power forward. Unfortunately, his style of play was far from easy on the body. His three seasons in Toronto saw him fall from a roster regular to barely playing at all. In 2022-23, Simmer only dressed for 18 games with the Leafs. In the playoffs, he didn't dress for a single game.

The signing of heavyweight Ryan Reaves by the Leafs all but guarantees we've seen the last of Simmonds in a Leafs jersey. The fact that we have reached the end of July with Simmer still on the UFA board doesn't bode well the the 34-year-old's career either. The unfortunate truth is that Simmonds' scoring touch seems to have dried up, age and mileage have taken away his speed and he just doesn't have enough tools in the tool box to help make up the difference elsewhere.
If this is the end for Simmonds, he's got one heck of a career to look back on. Over 1,000 games, over 500 points and a whopping 1,313 PIMs, playing for the Kings, Flyers, Predators, Devils, and Sabres before his final destination in Toronto.
While Lord Stanley's mug has eluded him, Simmonds will go down in history as a highly respected player who played an honest, hardworking and heavy game throughout his career and as someone who was feared around the league for his fierce fighting prowess. He probably won't find himself in the Hall of Fame, but his career will be fondly remembered by those who played with him or watched him play over the years. As a Leafs fan, all I can say is thank you for those three years Wayne and we wish you the best no matter where the next chapter takes you!
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Is the Wayne Train leaving the station for good and gearing down for retirement?

Is Wayne Simmonds' career really over?

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