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Insider has some bad news for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Published February 24, 2024 at 9:33

Some Friday news from well renowned hockey insider Elliotte Friedman, who spoke on about the Leafs on his 32 Thoughts: The Podcast. He spoke about various topics, but one that stood out was talks about Calgary Flames stud defenseman Noah Hanifin and where he may end up by the trade deadline.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been looking to Calgary for multiple defensemen out West and Hanifin is one of those players. It doesn't look like Hanifin wants to continue playing in Canada or sign another extension here up north, unfortunately, which would likely remove the Leafs from contention outright, leaving them to turn their attention elsewhere.

Elliotte Friedman believes that Tampa Bay and Noah Hanifin would be a good fit but the problem is Tampa doesn't have a deep prospect pool and are limited on options to send back to Calgary.

Boston and Florida don't have great picks available but they do have players that could be intriguing to Calgary. A darkhorse to acquire Noah Hanifin is New Jersey who are in desperate need to bolster their blueline.

Friedman believes that these four teams are the teams most likely to acquire Hanifin leading to an extension. Where do you think Hanifin will end up going if traded by Calgary? Let us know in the poll below!

February 24   |   446 answers
Insider has some bad news for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Where do you think defenseman Noah Hanifin will end up?

Boston14733 %
Florida10022.4 %
Tampa Bay19944.6 %
A different team00 %
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