Sean Walker
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Treliving asleep at the wheel as two more Leafs trade targets acquired by other teams

Published March 6, 2024 at 2:17 PM

With the trade deadline only a couple days away, we have finally seen the dam burst with a couple big moves taking place earlier today. The Toronto Maple Leafs will have to think quick on their feet with a couple of their targets finding new homes in short order.

The Edmonton Oilers acquired Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick from the Anaheim Ducks just before the Philadelphia Flyers traded Sean Walker to the Colorado Avalanche. The Flyers also placed Nick Seeler on the IR and have been working on an extension rumoured to be around 3-4 years somewhere in the $3 million range.

Both the Ducks and Flyers received first round picks, which was something Brad Treliving was trying to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately he's now lost out on 2 of his main targets, leaving him with a desolate landscape of available targets to help his club in interim.

With the Florida Panthers having acquired Vladimir Tarasenko as well, Jake Guentzel and Noah Hanifin remain the cream of the crop but both players are not believed to be on the Maple Leafs' radar, or at least not at the top of the list. Remaining are Matt Dumba and Alex Carrier but based on how quickly GMs are working today, Treliving will have to get a deal done as soon as possible and he might have to pay up with the sellers holding more leverage at the moment.

The details as of now are that the Oilers are receiving Henrique and Carrick with salary being retained for a first and fifth round pick. The Flyers are acquiring a first and Ryan Johansen - who will ultimately be placed on waivers.

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