Goalie nearly crushed by zamboni
Photo credit: IG: ldoorten13

Video: goaltender narrowly escapes being crushed by zamboni

Published February 29, 2024 at 8:55

The atmosphere at a local men's league or beer league game is always great. Getting together with a group of your friends and playing some puck is one of the best ways to blow off some steam and get your exercise in. However, in one men's league, disaster almost struck.

In an Instagram video posted by user ldoorten13, a zamboni driver nearly rode over a goaltender who was out on the ice, stretching just inside of his own blueline. In the clip, you can see the driver not quite paying attention to his surroundings, with someone out of the picture shouting at him to get his attention. He applied the brakes just in time to avoid running the goalie over.

Obviously, it goes without saying that the goalie should have known to vacate the ice surface with the zamboni coming out to repair the ice surface, but the driver also needs to be aware of who is out there before he proceeds to tend to the ice.

At any rate, the goaltender may have taken a slight bump from the machine, but in the end, no one was hurt. It's also quite the story to tell your grandkids one day. "Hey kids, did I ever tell you about the time I was nearly run over by a zamboni?". Suuure you were, grandpa. Sure you were.
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Video: goaltender narrowly escapes being crushed by zamboni

Who is more at fault for the incident involving a zamboni nearly running over a goalie?

The goalie - get off the ice16438.1 %
The zamboni driver - be aware of your surroundings12328.5 %
They would both have been to blame14433.4 %
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