Corey Perry deemed eligible to return to the NHL
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League makes controversial decision regarding Corey Perry's NHL future

Published January 10, 2024 at 5:51 PM

Earlier this season, we saw Corey Perry's contract terminated by the Chicago Blackhawks in one of the strangest turn of events in recent memory. Not only were the details surrounding Perry's dismissal in Chicago not revealed, but Perry's future also appeared in doubt because before he was deemed eligible to return, he would first need to meet with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who would be the one to either approve or deny Perry's eligibility to return.

Well, that meeting has now occurred and Perry is once again eligible to return and sign with NHL teams after meeting with commissioner Bettman, Elliotte Friedman reports.

Perry last played on the 19th of November when the Blackhawks hosted the Buffalo Sabres. He was then removed from the active roster a few days later. He was unclaimed on waivers but it started a lot of rumours and speculations on what he could have done to deserve such a fate, especially considering how sought after he was in free agency.

Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson's only comments regarding the infamous Perry incident were that he "engaged in conduct that is unacceptable, and in violation of both the terms of his standard player's contract and the Blackhawks' internal policies intended to promote professional and safe work environments."

Perry apologized shortly after the incident and mentioned that alcohol was involved and that he'd be seeking help for his issues with alcohol:

"I would like to sincerely apologize to the entire Chicago Blackhawks organization, including ownership, management, coaches, trainers, employees, and my teammates. I would also like to apologize to my fans, and my family. I am embarrassed and have let you all down."

Friedman reported that he is now a free agent and can sign with any team, but one has to wonder if the incident will follow him like an unpleasant shadow. Perry is a veteran, has a lot of playoff experience, and can still score goals. His physical style of hockey is primed for the playoffs and most contending teams should be in on the Perry-sweepstakes.

It will be interesting to not only see who the interested parties are but when the interest starts to grow. Perry's don't grow on trees and it's hard to imagine many players of his calibre are available mid-season and most likely at a veteran's minimum.

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League makes controversial decision regarding Corey Perry's NHL future

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