Corey Perry, who was recently terminated by the Blackhawks
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Former NHLer reveals what Corey Perry did to have his contract terminated in Chicago

Published January 24, 2024 at 11:47

Back in November, the Chicago Blackhawks made waves when they terminated the contract of veteran winger Corey Perry. The Hawks offered very little information about the events that led to Perry's dismissal, other than to say that it was nothing illegal. The situation took an interesting turn shortly thereafter when Perry sought help for alcohol abuse.

After a couple of months of reflection, Perry met with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman to discuss his future. Bettman had no qualms with Perry continuing his NHL career, and before long, Perry had inked a 1-year contract with the Edmonton Oilers.

Upon joining the Oilers, Perry was asked to divulge details as to what had him ousted in Chicago. Perry, of course, declined to answer. Now, one former NHL enforcer, John Scott, has gone on the record, revealing what he believes happened to land Perry in hot water in Chicago.

Scott, who also works for NBC, revealed on his most recent edition of his "Dropping the Gloves" podcast that Perry had been drinking excessively and made advances towards a female colleague of his, who works for NBC as well.

"He made a mistake in Columbus one night," Scott, who also works on the NBC Sports Chicago broadcast team, said. "He drank too much and he made a pass at a staff member who worked for NBC."

Perry, a married man, has a son (Griffen) with his wife of more than 8 years, Blakeny. For him to have embarrassed himself and his family in such a way should be frowned upon, but was it enough to have his contract terminated? That's still yet to be determined. We have yet to hear from the NHLPA as to whether or not they'll file a grievance against the Blackhawks, but the prevailing thought here is that for any other organization, making a pass at a female staff member wouldn't be enough to warrant a contract termination. However, with the recent history of the Blackhawks, they were clearly taking no chances of this turning into something much, much worse.

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Former NHLer reveals what Corey Perry did to have his contract terminated in Chicago

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