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Enforcer Kyle Clifford suspended following controversial turn of events that led to a fight

Published January 13, 2024 at 6:13 PM

It has been announced via The American Hockey League's Player Safety Committee that they have made decisions on what transpired in last night's game between the Belleville Senators and Toronto Marlies.

The AHL Player Safety Committee have suspended Toronto Marlies forward Kyle Clifford and Belleville Senators forward Bokondji Imama three games each for their actions that took place in last night's provincial and divisional matchup.

Last night at the end of the second period, Belleville Senators forward Bokondji Imama left his respective bench and instead of heading straight to his team's locker room, he decided to skate into and 'spear' Toronto Marlies goaltender Dennis Hildeby.

Marlies players didn't take Imama's actions lightly as a few rushed over immediately, Marlies forward Kyle Clifford among them. Clifford went straight for Imama, who immediately dropped his gloves in anticipation of a scrap. The fight was brief and took place right around the officials, who were more focused on breaking up the fight and having both teams clear the ice for the second intermission.

Both players were ejected from the game and accounted for almost sixty minutes in penalty minutes.

With Imama instigating by drawing contact on Hildeby, it was expected that he would get a longer suspension, but it appears that the committee felt as though the situation warranted equal suspensions for Imama and Clifford instead.

Do you think that the AHL Player Safety Committee got this one right? Feel free to give your answer below in the poll!
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Enforcer Kyle Clifford suspended following controversial turn of events that led to a fight

Should Bokondji Imama have received a longer suspension than Clifford for spearing Dennis Hildeby to start the altercation?

Yes, he should have gotten 4 or more games38769.2 %
No, I'm fine with equal suspensions559.8 %
I don't think Clifford should have been suspended11720.9 %
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