Michael Buble admits to using mushrooms before All-Star Draft
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Celebrity co-captain admits to being under the influence of an illicit substance at All-Star Draft

Published February 2, 2024 at 9:10

Last night in Toronto, the NHL held the All-Star player draft and fan-fest, which was highlighted by the PWHL showcase. Following the player draft, the team captains and celebrity captains met with the media where Canadian music icon Michael Buble stole the show.

Buble went on a tangent about fantasy hockey before stopping himself and looking around the room for a second and announcing that he was under the influence.

"My buddy told me it was a microdose of mushrooms, he was lying. I thought I was in Blades of Glory for most of the time I was out there, but then I realized 'holy shit, I'm at the NHL All-Star Game'."

Following Buble's answer, Will Arnett chimed in and jokingly said that Buble lost his entire female audience that took years to build in one swoop by talking about fantasy hockey.

It quickly became the most viral moment of the first night of All-Star weekend and gave everyone in the conference room a laugh. However, later in the evening, Buble was sitting at the dinner table next to SDPN's Steve Dangle when the two of them addressed the comment that Buble had made earlier about being on mushrooms.

"It was a joke. Of course I wasn't. I do have a problem with bread," said Buble jokingly as he took a big bite out of a piece of bread. "When I get anxious I can't stop eating it, but no not mushrooms."

Whether or not Buble was on mushrooms or not, it's clear that he was under the influence of something, as he had a microphone during the entire draft and seemed to be the center of attention on Team Hughes and was having an issue keeping his composure.

Psilocybin and psilocin (Magic mushrooms) are still illegal in Canada, so Buble admitting that he was using during his television appearance was basically incriminating himself, so it's no surprise that he took the opportunity with Steve Dangle to suggest that he was lying about being under the influence of the illicit substance.
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Celebrity co-captain admits to being under the influence of an illicit substance at All-Star Draft

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