Logan Stanley and Corey Perry in a heated fight
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Logan Stanley lays a beatdown on Corey Perry in heated tilt

Published March 27, 2024 at 9:15

Tuesday evening in a battle between two of the top Canadian teams in the NHL, two players who play on the edge went head to head in a heated fight as Corey Perry went against his better judgement and dropped the gloves with 6-foot-7 Logan Stanley.

The Winnipeg Jets defenseman and Edmonton Oilers forward were pestering each other along the boards for a while until both players finally had enough, which led to them dropping the gloves. Perry, being known as a veteran pest who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, took on a much larger and younger opponent in Stanley.

The twenty-five year old, 6'7, 231 lb. Jets defender clearly had the size advantage over the much older thirty-eight year old, 6'3, 208 lb. veteran Oilers foward.

Youth and size prevailed in the fight between the two Ontario natives with Stanley controlling the majority of the fight and bringing Perry down to the ice.
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Logan Stanley lays a beatdown on Corey Perry in heated tilt

Do you think Logan Stanley got the final laugh in his heated fight against Corey Perry?

Yes, Logan dictated the fight12972.5 %
Wait until they meet in the playoffs3921.9 %
I think Perry got the better of him105.6 %
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