6'4 Scott Sabourin and 6'6 Jarred Tinordi drop the gloves and go to war
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Former Leafs winger fights ex-Canadiens defenseman in must-see second period scrap

Published January 18, 2024 at 10:58

Is it just me, or does it seem like hockey fights are fewer and far between this year, even compared to last season? Obviously, we can see that the game is moving away from violence and more towards skill, but the drop off for fights seems steeper this season than in recent years.

At any rate, last night, a former Maple Leafs winger took on a former Canadiens defenseman last night in what was truly a battle of the heavyweights. This one did not disappoint.

Former Leafs/Marlies forward and current San Jose Shark, Scott Sabourin (6'4, 207 lbs) took on former Canadiens defenseman and current Chicago Blackhawk, Jarred Tinordi (6'6, 229 lbs) last night, during the 2nd period of the Sharks/Hawks game and the two juggernauts made sure the fans got their money's worth.

Both players landed some heavy shots, Sabourin swinging much more wildly, but Tinordi very likely drew the win in this one. Both players remained on their feet for this one, which is a rarity with two heavyweights like Tinordi and Sabourin. In the end, surprisingly, neither player seemed to be in bad shape, which is wild when you consider the heavy shots that were landed in the altercation.
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Former Leafs winger fights ex-Canadiens defenseman in must-see second period scrap

Who do you think won this wild fight between Scott Sabourin and Jarred Tinordi?

Tinordi for sure9428.1 %
Sabourin, he landed the biggest shot8023.9 %
It was about even16148.1 %
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