William Nylander Gives Update Regarding Contract Negotiations.

Published August 1, 2018 at 11:24

The Toronto Maple Leafs are pretty much set for 2018-19, however there's still one piece of unfinished business. That of course is the William Nylander contract situation. Nylander is currently a restricted free agent and isn't eligible for salary arbitration so there's no hurry to get a deal done. However as the clock keeps ticking and the season is soon approaching, some fans and media members are wondering why he still hasn't been signed yet. TSN caught up with Nylander at a charity tournament and asked him about the negotiations. "It's going with Kyle, he wants to take it slow so, you can ask Kyle" Nylander said. TSN also asked Nylander if he would be ok with a bridge deal."Thats between my agent and Kyle, I mean they're talking about it, I'm not really into that right now, Kyle says its going to take some time so, I'm not too stressed about it".

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