Will Mark Hunter Ditch The Leafs With Lou?

Published May 16, 2018 at 12:08

"After the Toronto Maple Leafs named Kyle Dubas as their new general manager, speculation continues to circulate regarding the futures of both Mark Hunter and Lou Lamoriello. It's highly unlikely that Lamoriello sticks around for his "senior advisory" rule, while it's unsure how Hunter feels being passed for the general manager job which he wanted. With almost every NHL insider stating that Lou is likely to head to the Islanders, Elliotte Friedman believes that he might take Hunter with him. «Garth Snow is the current GM, Doug Weight is the current head coach, and they are going to Denmark for the rest of the world hockey championships. So I don't know how it's all going to work out. But I do believe there is an excellent chance that Lou Lamoriello is going to go to the New York Islanders.
«I think one of the questions we're all wondering here in Toronto is does that mean that (Mark) Hunter is going to go with him. (Mark) Hunter is still the assistant general manager. He was on the same level as Kyle Dubas before. They both interviewed for the GM position. Dubas has been promoted. We're kind of expecting that Hunter will want to move on too. It wouldn't hurt the Islanders at all if (Mark) Hunter went with Lamoriello to go be part of it. But at this point in time it's more speculation than truth."Can you picture Hunter jumping ship with Lamoriello?

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