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Wild trade rumour suggests that Sidney Crosby is okay with a move to the Leafs or two other teams

Published March 7, 2024 at 7:19 PM

The NBA has a knack for blockbuster trades on a near consistent basis. Loyalty has been thrown out the window and most star players don't stay on the same team for more than 3-4 years. On the flip side, the NHL generally orchestrates a couple big trades over a calendar year but nothing extraordinary, save for the rare exception, such as the Jack Eichel deal. However, with that in mind, there's potentially a storm brewing for a colossal trade that could shake up the entire league.

Take it with a grain of salt due to the source, but nevertheless, in light of the tremendous struggles of the Pittsburgh Penguins, superstar center Sidney Crosby has been linked to a move to either the Toronto Maple Leafs, Colorado Avalanche, or the Vancouver Canucks. It sounds a little crazy, but consider the fact that the Penguins are about to miss the post-season for a second consecutive season and that Crosby is carrying the team at the ripe old age of 36.

In his 19th season in the NHL, all with the Penguins, Crosby has scored 32 goals and 63 points in 60 games this year, while averaging 20:11 TOI. The 36-year-old has received almost no help from his supporting cast - with the exception of the injured Jake Guentzel - as Evgeni Malkin has just 48 points, Erik Karlsson with 43 points, and Kris Letang with 37 points round out the top-5.

Both sides might want to look for greener pastures but would also be helping each other out one last time. If there ever was a guy who would be willing to go out on his shield to help his team recoup some assets to aid them in a rebuild, it would be Sid the Kid. Crosby would still command a massive haul. He has now scored 30+ goals in 3 straight seasons, and has never had a season where he didn't post at least a point-per-game. The 36-year-old can also turn it up when it matters the most as he has 201 points in 160 playoff games, including 10 points in his most recent trip. Giving Crosby another chance at glory could do wonders for both sides.

According to his sources, one reputable Twitter user mentions that Crosby gave the Penguins three teams he'd be okay with moving to now or during the off-season. There are no imminent plans from either side of a move today or ahead of tomorrow's deadline but, reportedly, these are the three teams that he would be interested in playing for should he want a move out of Pittsburgh.

The Penguins are on a slippery slope after a decade and a half of contention and moving on from Guentzel and Crosby would jumpstart the much needed rebuild that is required in Pittsburgh.

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Wild trade rumour suggests that Sidney Crosby is okay with a move to the Leafs or two other teams

If Sidney Crosby were made available would you want the Maple Leafs to break the bank for his services?

Absolutely, he's still a clutch performer88862.3 %
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