Wayne Gretzky Knows It Takes An Entire Team To Win

Published December 11, 2017 at 2:41 PM

"The Edmonton Oilers were shutout 1-0 at the Air Canada Centre on Sunday night, but star captain Connor McDavid tried to everything he could to lead his team to victory. McDavid was dangerous all night and created multiple scoring chances only to be denied by either Curtis McElhinney or the goalposts.

After the game, McDavid felt his team played well and deserved a «handful» of goals and called the outcome disappointing.

Wayne Gretzky was also in attendance for Sunday night's game and spoke to reporters afterwards. He had some very candid remarks about how a superstar like McDavid or Toronto Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews cannot carry a team by themselves.
"That doesn't work in hockey," Gretzky told Mike Zeisberger of NHL.com. "You've got to have a second goaltender. You've got to have a sixth defenseman. You've got to have a seventh guy ready. You've got to have a fourth line that contributes.

"You can't win with two good hockey players. Bobby Orr would have won 12 Stanley Cups. Gordie Howe would have won 15 Stanley Cups. You can't win that way in hockey. That's what makes it such a unique team sport. And that's why we're the only sport where every player's name gets put on the actual trophy. So that shows you just how important it is to have a group of guys and have a team to be successful.

"I think the successful franchises have had great players. But more importantly, those great players, a lot of them, guys like Jean Beliveau, guys like Bryan Trottier, guys like Mario Lemieux, they understood the value of each and every guy on their team."

The Maple Leafs seem to get this a little better than the Oilers do at this point since it is pretty obvious that Matthews is surrounded by much more talent that McDavid currently is.

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