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Update Regarding Leafs Nolan Vesey Trade.

Published May 7, 2020 at 7:16 PM

"While some NHL trades remain in limbo, we've got the answer on one Toronto Maple Leafs' trade. Many teams are wondering how an NHL Draft would work in June because of all the conditional draft picks moved around at the deadline.Some conditional picks were even traded last summer just like the Leafs did two summers ago. In June 2018, the Leafs shipped off Nolan Vesey's signing rights to Edmonton for a conditional 2020 7th round pick. The conditions were based on Vesey playing some games that he has yet to play so the Leafs won't be getting that 7th round pick. From capfriendly.com "Result: Vesey did not meet the NHL games requirement prior to the expiration of his Entry Level contract. Edmonton keeps their 2020 7th round pick."


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