Altercation occurs after one fan throws another fans hat on the ice
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Two fans at last night's Leafs/Ducks game get into heated altercation over hat toss

Published February 18, 2024 at 12:03

Last night marked the 3rd consecutive game in which the Leafs produced a hat trick. First, Bobby McMann potted 3 against the St. Louis Blues. Then it was Auston Matthews who netted 3 against Philadelphia on Thursday before doubling down and scoring 3 more last night against Anaheim.

Matthews is making a pretty good living putting the puck in the net and he's established this season, and likely long before, that there's no one better. Matthews prides himself on giving the fans something to cheer about each and every night and he's put together quite the collection of hats this season, having racked up six hat tricks so far this year.

While fans often have no problem tossing their hats on the ice to celebrate a hat trick, especially one scored by the Leafs' franchise cornerstone, one fan was irate with his hat winding up on the ice. That's because he's not the one who threw it.

There's a certain etiquette that fans should employ both at a hockey game and in life. Obviously, taking something that belongs to someone else is not acceptable behaviour, and while one fan and his partner in crime found humour in tossing an older gentleman's hat on the ice, not all parties found the prank very funny.

This, ladies and gents, is just one of the ways that a fight can start in the stands. There are ways to retrieve hats thrown on the ice at NHL games after a hat trick, but that's besides the point. If something doesn't belong to you, don't touch it - plain and simple.
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Two fans at last night's Leafs/Ducks game get into heated altercation over hat toss

Will Auston Matthews score another hat trick this season?

That's pretty much a guarantee67472.7 %
I like his chances, but I'm not sure23825.7 %
No, six hat tricks is plenty though151.6 %
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