Two clips emerge that showcase Craig Berube's value to the Maple Leafs

Mike Armenti
May 18, 2024  (9:57)

Craig Berube
Photo credit: St. Louis Blues

The Toronto Maple Leafs hired Stanley Cup champion Craig Berube as the 32nd coach in franchise history on Friday and the move is already a popular one.

In their quest to implement the proper changes this summer that will allow the team to set new standards and build a new culture in Toronto this summer, the Leafs brought in a true character guy in Berube to lead the team.
Known for his intensity, Berube is about winning and accountability and these two clips perfectly sum up why he was an excellent hire by the Toronto Maple Leafs.
The first clip is from the night the Blues won the Stanley Cup back in 2019. Berube delivered an impassioned speech to fire his team up just before game time, which provided all the fuel the players needed to get the job done.
The second clip is of Berube speaking with the media in February of 2023, publicly holding his players accountable - specifically his highest paid guys - for not getting the job done in a very winnable game.
These are just two examples of what has made Berube so successful. His demands of himself and his players are high and he preaches work ethic, teamwork and playing the game the right way.
For too many years, the Leafs have lacked the proper motivation to play a full 60 minutes, often digging themselves an early hole in games against subpar teams and NHL bottom-feeders. Those days are over with Berube at the helm. If guys are not performing up to the standard, Berube is not going to sit by idly and watch someone make him look like a fool.
Accountability is important in this sport and while there's been a lot of talk about accountability in Toronto over the years, there's been very little actual accountability for the players. Now, with Berube on board, it's a lesson the Leafs will either learn quickly or learn the hard way. Berube was the perfect guy for the job in Toronto and these clips show exactly why.
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Two clips emerge that showcase Craig Berube's value to the Maple Leafs

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