Trevor Zegras is one player the Leafs need to stay far away from this summer

Nick Matthews
June 9, 2024  (12:05)

Trevor Zegras
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Ducks forward Trevor Zegras appears to be on the trade-block, and the Leafs need to stay far away from the talented winger.

Zegras is coming off of a disappointing, injury-riddled 2023-2024 season. The skilled forward put up a disappointing 15 points in 31 games, after he amassed an impressive 65 points just one season prior. Zegras just signed a 3-year bridge deal at a $5.75M AAV with Anaheim last off season.
The Ducks finished as a bottom feeder in the NHL, finishing 3rd last with 59 points, and there are reports that they are shopping Zegras around. There are a few reasons why the Leafs should stay away.
He does not fit in with a Leafs team that is looking for a culture shift under new head coach Craig Berube, a notorious "team-first" coach who demands a lot of his players. Zegras, a very "me-first" type of player may not gel with the new coach in Toronto.
Zegras is due for a bounce back season, as his numbers were probably deflated by playing on a poor Ducks team, however the Leafs need to steer clear.
$5.75M is a big overpay for a player that could be a 3rd liner next season, due to his unpredictable play. Zegras has shown glimpses of magic as he is known for making surreal passes through his legs, or scoring Michigan-goals, but the truth is those types of high-skill plays don't win hockey games. He lacks that game-changing effort that players like Zach Hyman possess.
The Leafs need players that will buy in to a team-first mentality, and right now Zegras is not that type of player. Zegras will also want a huge salary increase after his deal is up, potentially in the 10-11M area, so that will not work on a cap-strapped Leafs team that have committed to other stars.
Wherever Zegras does end up, they'll get a very skilled player with the capacity for highlight reel plays.
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Trevor Zegras is one player the Leafs need to stay far away from this summer

Where will Trevor Zegras end up playing next year?

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