Tortorella Calls Out Toronto Media, Defends Sheldon Keefe.

Published August 10, 2020 at 7:55 PM

The Columbus Blue Jackets defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in a very emotional and tight series. Despite Blue Jackets Nick Foligno calling out the team before Game 5, there's at least some respect between coaches. After the Leafs lost Game 5, the lynch mob came out calling for people's heads, especially head coach Sheldon Keefe. Tortorella isn't having it and came to the Keefe's defense on Monday. "Just in regarding the series and, I don't know.... I.... the bubble is penetrable. People get in here and information gets here from the media and I just can't get over people rippin' Sheldon Keefe and his staff, as far as the job he's done with that... that Maple Leaf team. They have done a terrific job with that team. And this is after the series and all that, and some of the things I read, some of the things I watched last night, I mean half the pundits in this city think they really know about the game, but they really don't. It just pisses me off, for a fellow coach in this league, and I know it's Toronto, a great city. Great hockey town. Love being here. But some of the things he is criticized for is beyond belief to me. And it just shows that people have no clue what's going on in this game. So, I just want to support him. I'm glad we won... but I want to support him, because I think him and his staff have done a terrific job with that hockey club. Thank you."
What do you think of Torts' comments?

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