Toronto Maple Leafs Have A New Dressing Room Slogan.

Published January 16, 2018 at 11:12

"The Toronto Maple Leafs came back from their bye week to see a change to their locker room. The Leafs have a new locker room motto and it's a stick tap to legendary Leafs goalie Johnny Bower. ‘It's A Privilege, Not A Right»
The slogan sits on the upper wall of both sides of the dressing room along with the JB crest they're currently sporting on their jersey's. Leafs head coach Mike Babcock said he was inspired by the phrase which was one that was constantly mentioned by other NHL'ers after Bower's passing. «The players were at the same (memorial service) I was,» Babcock said. «In his celebration of life, that's what jumped out to me and I was hoping the same did for them. (Toronto) is a special place to play and to coach. You earn the right to be a part of that. I like to think we all take it seriously.»
The new slogan replaces Babcock's old motto "Play Fast, Play Right" which he had painted in the locker room last season. Bower's inspiration is undeniable as Leafs defenseman Connor Carrick was also touched by the speeches given after Bower's passing. «The speeches were spectacular (at the Bower memorial),» Carrick said.
«You hope as a player and as a person that you can be remembered in such a light. It really is a privilege, not a right. How many kids would want to be us right now? How pumped would a 13-year-old Connor Carrick be to be in the NHL? It holds true every day in this league.»Here's a look at the new slogan below courtesy of Jack Boland of the Toronto Sun. :


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