The Reason Why Mike Green Refused A Trade To Toronto.

Published February 28, 2018 at 12:11

"Fans and analysts wanted the Toronto Maple Leafs to land some defensive help at the trade deadline. Two names kept coming up, New York Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh and Detroit Red Wings defenseman Mike Green. McDonagh ended up getting moved to the Tampa Bay Lightning, while Green stayed in Detroit having only put two teams on his approved trade list and combined with the fact he's not fully healthy. Green only had Tampa and the Washington Capitals on his approved list according to multiple reports so a deal with Toronto doesn't look possible. According to Greg Brady from the Fan 590, Green had a very specific reason for not wanting to go to Toronto. Brady Tweeted that Green had absolutely no interest in playing for head coach Mike Babcock. The defenseman believes that Babcock personally cut him from the 2010 Vancouver Olympic roster despite management wanting him on the roster. Green was on the summertime roster and had 52 points in 52 games by January 31st 2010.


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