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Sophomore winger ties Mitch Marner in playoff goals in 27 fewer games

Published May 14, 2024 at 11:16

Can you believe Dallas Stars sophomore Wyatt Johnston has more playoffs goals than Mitch Marner in 27 less games? Neither can a lot of other Leafs fans, but last night, it happened.

Superstar Leaf Mitch Marner has been receiving a lot of backlash for his play in the post-season in recent years. The question that arises is: is all this criticism he is receiving warranted? The simple, yet unfortunate answer to this is yes.

Is Mitch Marner overrated?

Every post-season, there are new playoff heroes that show they are big game players and can produce when all the cards are on the table. However, there are also players that show they lack the grit, drive and determination in the playoffs - and the unfortunate reality is that Mitch Marner is one of these players.

The Dallas Stars, however, have one of the good ones in 20-year-old playoff stud Wyatt Johnston. Check out this tweet from Dave McCarthy:

Wyatt Johnston has already amassed a staggering 11 goals in 30 playoff games in his young career - which is only 2 seasons deep. 7 of those goals have come this post-season in only 11 games.

Johnston is proving he is a big time player as on a star studded offence in Dallas as he has looked like the best player on the ice in most games during these playoffs.

Johnston leads the Stars in goals and is first in points amongst forwards this post-season. The Stars are currently up 3-1 to the Avalanche and will try to close out the series Wednesday in Dallas.

For Marner, the sad reality is likely going to be a trade this summer, and unless he alters the way he approaches the game in the postseason, his luck in the postseason may never change.
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Sophomore winger ties Mitch Marner in playoff goals in 27 fewer games

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