Sens Owner Melnyk Takes Shots At Leafs.

Published April 11, 2018 at 11:59

"While the Toronto Maple Leafs are getting ready to play in the NHL playoffs, the Ottawa Senators are closing the door on an absolute disaster of a season. With their season finished, the Ottawa Senators held a town hall with their season ticket holders along with owner Eugene Melnyk and general manager Pierre Dorion. Somehow, Melnyk got into a long story about how he actually used to be a Leafs season ticket holder, while that comment is a story on it's own, it's what he said after that got social media going.Melnyk followed that up by saying he believes the Leafs will get "blown out" by the Boston Bruins during their first round playoff series, and even predicted the series to end in "five games, tops". Well, at least he'll have plenty of time to watch his prediction go wrong with his team out of the playoffs.It's just too bad he gave up his season tickets or else he could watch it live.


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